General terms for temporary E-mail account bonus

We offer this valuable bonus to clients of Jerusalem Media free of charge.

The bonus is applicable to ads ordered via Jerusalem Media - minimum amount NIS 300 (not including VAT).

The e-mail account will be provided temporarily, from the first date of publication of the advertisment until 7 days after the last date of publication (provided we have two days notice of either event). If required the e-mail account will be terminated sooner.

Jerusalem Media undertakes not to transfer the regular e-mail address of the customer to any other party.

The e-mail account name will be in our domain, e.g. "House_in_Ramot@jerusalem-media.com".

Customers are responsible for checking these accounts.

Use of this service is at the customer’s risk, and Jerusalem Media is not responsible for any damage due to its use.

This offer is subject to modification and withdrawal without notice.