BONUS ! We offer our customers who order media placement the
following services  FREE OF CHARGE :

Temporary e-mail account The account will be functional from the first day of advertising until 7 days after the last appearance of the ad. Messages sent to this e-mail address will be automatically relayed to the customer's regular e-mail address. At the end of this period the temporary e-mail account will be terminated. Please see the terms. BENEFIT: The customer does not have to give away their regular email address, and thus avoids exposure to spammers.

Internet presence We can place additional information about the printed ad on a dedicated page on our site. The service is designed for supplementary information, such as a picture of a house for sale, client testimonials, restaurant menus, detailed directions to a venue, special deals, etc. Please see the terms. BENEFIT: Dedicated presence on the Internet for a set period without the hassle of owning and setting up a web-site.